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BCAA-1 bottle

BCAA-1 bottle

What our customers say…

Real People, Real Results.

It does work … I don’t see myself not using this product every day.

Nola Westren
*results not typical

Jan Potter. Alfred Cove, WA. Australia

“I was very sceptical about using this product. I normally don’t watch advertising online to do with products that are supposed to change the’ skin you are in’ ….BUT, I have to say after about 2-3 weeks of using your product morning and night I thought I could start to see a difference. A few days after that my 35 year old daughter asked me what I was doing and has already asked me to purchase this product for her.
It does work … I don’t see myself not using this product every day and can’t wait to see how my skin will continually improve. My only suggestion would be that the jars are larger because you literally want to dip yourself in this cream from head to toe and it doesn’t last long enough.
I turned 61 on Christmas day and I think I look better now than I did 6 months ago so thank you and keep the products coming …”*

“Feedback on my first day to try out ALLURE.”

Angie Hoffmann

Angie Hoffmann. Howrah, TAS. Australia

“Just before Christmas I have received your 3 jars of ALLURE facial cream and have applied some immediately on my face and neck. I must say that I am already impressed because it left a soft and healthy sheen on my face. I really do not like creams that left the face dry and lifeless and trust me, there are many of them around.
Thank you for the shipment. My first instinct was right to take the plunge and ordered the trusted ALLURE.”*

*results not typical

“I am getting lots of complements on how much younger I look.”

Nola Westren

Nola Westren. ROSELANDS, NSW. Australia

“I finished my first jar and have just started on my second. My skin looks much better and although I don’t see a great improvement in tightening my neck wrinkles I am getting lots of complements on how much younger I look. Here’s hoping that by the time I get to the end of my next jar my wrinkles will all be gone.”*

*results not typical

“It’s the only product that really helps…”

Nola Westren

Christine Bockman. McCracken S Australia, SA. Australia

“It’s the only product that really helps my skin look better and minimizes the appearance of sun damage, thanks.”*

*results not typical

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• ALLURE Cosmeceuticals Lifting Firming Cream (60 ml) unique formula contains natural ingredients to reduce your fine lines and wrinkle depth, lift your saggy skin, tighten, strengthen, and safeguard your pores, revitalize your age-impaired face and neck lines, wipe-out cellulite, boost your confidence, and leave you with the refreshed, restored glowing, virile, smooth, silky, sexy skin of your younger, happier, and healthier self. It’s a dermatologic cream used also for cellulites and as effective aging skin corrector. It is composed of dermatologically tested, backed by science, safe ingredients which are known to be very effective in enhancing skin’s natural glow and beauty. It promotes skin’s rejuvenation and protection. This gentle, smoothing cream formula is non-irritating. Perfect for men and women. *See Clinical Research.

Q: What are the main composition of ALLURE CREAM?

• ALLURE CREAM is composed of clinically tested to be safe and effective ingredients. There are two main active clinically proven ingredients: Algae Extract and Pullulan. The other effective ingredients are: Water, Safflower Oil, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Glycerin, Avocado Oil, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, PEG-100 Stearate, Stearic Acid, Xanthan Gum, Elastin, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Citric Acid, Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) Extract, Passion Flower (Passiflora Incarnata) Extract, Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, Retinol Palmitate (Vitamin A Palmitate), Aloe Vera Gel, Tocopheryl Acetate. *See Clinical Research.


Q: What are the expected effects of the INGREDIENTS to the skin?

• ALLURE CREAM contains clinically proven ingredients to enhance the collagen production of the aging skin and will restore critical antioxidants that help rid your skin of free radicals which can cause premature aging in your skin. It will also promote skin rejuvenation and will recapture your youthful glow. ALLURE promotes cell regeneration, stimulates collagen, and improves elastin, firming and tightening skin for a smooth complexion.
Our customers report visible results in 2 to 4 weeks and results will continue to add up with regular use to improve skin tone and texture.
Among the ingredients included in ALLURE is the purest, cleanest, and most refreshing substance of all: Water: is a vital component of reducing bacteria’s ability to infect hosts by setting up colonies. As a result, we made sure the water going into ALLURE to help moisturize your skin was purified, increasing the nourishment your skin will receive.
Another essential ingredient included in ALLURE is Citric Acid, a commonly used acid we felt was instrumental in devising our breakthrough saggy skin corrector ALLURE. Citric Acid is most commonly applied when absorption through the skin is desired.
ALLURE also includes Cetearyl Alcohol as one of its central ingredients. For years, Cetearyl Alcohol has been used to help lubricate dry and sagging skin, helping give your skin the smooth, silky, and soft appearance it craves. In addition, ALLURE has been blended with a number of other effective ingredients such as Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) Extract, Passion Flower (Passiflora Incarnata) Extract, Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, and many, many more.
But that’s not all. We at PureHealth Research pride ourselves at going the extra mile to deliver a superior health-promoting product. This is why every bottle of ALLURE has been imbued with a super ingredient called PEG-100 Stearate, an effective solution made by combining natural oils such as palm or coconut with stearic acid to form a water-soluble ester. We made sure to include PEG-100 Stearate in our formula because this solution is instrumental in helping to clean skin and hair by helping water mix with oils and dirt in order to wash them away, giving your saggy skin the deep clean it needs before the epidermal barrier can be tightened up and smoothed over, resulting in the radiance you may not have experienced on your skin since your younger days.
These are just some of the effective, health-giving, skin-enhancing ingredients we’ve used in creating ALLURE: Lifting Firming Cream.

Q: How do I use ALLURE CREAM?

• Wash your body and apply to dried skin. Apply cream to skin wherever desired. Massage into skin using circular motions until absorbed. As product begins a mild warming feeling may occur. Apply ALLURE to your saggy skin two times per day (recommended). ALLURE can be applied first thing in the morning and right before you go to sleep. Apply during the day if needed. For external use only.

Q: Is it safe to apply to skin?

• ALLURE CREAM is clinically tested to be safe to apply not only on the face and neck area but the whole body skin as well. It has undergone thorough lab testing and ensured the highest quality of the product. Only the highest quality ingredients on the market were used in this hypoallergenic formula that is specially designed for sensitive, dry, oily, or normal skin types!

Q: How many bottles of ALLURE CREAM should I order?

• We recommend you to stock up and save more today with our special 3-Bottles ALLURE CREAM discounted packages in order to significantly improve your rough, cracked, wrinkled skin. You can always return even empty bottle for a full refund for up to 1 YEAR if you later decide ALLURE CREAM isn’t right for you. Additionally, these packages allow you to take advantage of our lowest possible prices today, without the worry of increasing prices and/or additional shipping fees later.

Q: At what age can I use this product?

• We suggest that it would be best to apply for those ages 30 years old and above.

Q: Is it for a short term use or long term use?

• For best results, since it is backed by science and safe, ALLURE CREAM is encouraged to be applied daily for continuous skin lifting and firming enhancement. Your skin will regain its natural barriers from regular daily abuse and return your skin to its former glory! ALLURE has been cultivated to deliver above and beyond your standard over-the-counter skin creams, and has been created to naturally lift and tighten your skin, removing wrinkles and cellulite, and improving the quality, vibrancy, and purity of your skin without subjecting yourself to costly and risky cosmetic surgeries.

Q: Should I expect any side effects or adverse effects in applying the cream?

• It has been backed up with clinical studies and had been found to be perfectly safe to apply without any irritation. However, if irritation occurs, please discontinue application and consult your physician.

Q: How can I order the product?

• You can order the product through our website or call us at toll free (888) 558-9836, M – F 8AM – 8PM EST, Outside the US, call us at +1-863-301-4007.

Q: Can I track my order?

• You can definitely track the order. Once we process shipment for your order we are going to send you an email notification containing the tracking details of your order. If you have any questions, please contact us or call us at toll free (888) 558-9836, M – F 8AM – 8PM EST, Outside the US, call us at +1-863-301-4007.

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