How to Ensure a Better Brain? Take it Simple, Natural and Make It A Habit

In our most updated and technologically advanced world today most of our everyday tasks are being done and made easier by the newest technology such as gadgets and robotics. We even have answers to almost all of our questions, by just typing it in a search engine you’ll have your answer in a blink of an eye. But who says only technology is the answer? The natural world takes a very important part as well in improving the quality of life.

Just like this white flower that’s naturally grown known as Bacopa Monnieri. It has been tested traditionally over centuries to have the best effects in rejuvenating and enhancing brain functions, it has been known as a traditional system of Ayurvedic medicine to improve intelligence and memory for a long time [1]. It has been classified as a Rasayana in ancient Vedic, a herbal remedy that has the capacity to slow down brain aging and help regenerate neurons[2]. Not only has it been tested by time and tradition but multiple tests, laboratory experiments and placebos have definitely gave positive results for the effects of Bacopa Monnieri on the neurologic system. In a clinical study made Bacopa Monnieri extract improved the escape latency time in Morris water maze test. Moreover, the reduction of neurons and cholinergic neuron densities were also mitigated [1]. An Australian double-blind randomized, placebo controlled study showed a significant effect of the natural herb on a test for retention of new information leading to a conclusion that the Bacopa decreases the rate image1of forgetting newly acquired information [3].

We may take a lot of synthetic medications just to enhance the quality of life that we have because we want to have an immediate effect. In as fast as you would like to have relief from your medical condition you take synthetic drugs to see abrupt result notwithstanding the long term effects. Sometimes we need to set back, take it slow, do things naturally and be patient. The longer the period you wait for the effects the better it will be. The longer you take it naturally the best effects are visible and safer.
==> Do THIS twice daily to save your brain (takes less than 1 min)


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