Roll that BIG A Back!

Aging has contributed a lot of negative effects in our body and it’s systems. It affects our veins, arteries, heart, lungs, digestive system, bones – our entire body! And to fight these ill-effects we do lifestyle changes, eat healthy, exercise, stop negative habits such as smoking, alcohol drinking and other things that adds up to those negativities. But what we forget most often is the big A’s effect on the largest system of our body- the Integumentary system- our skin!
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Aging affects our skin big time. As we get old our skin tends to be dry, loose and thin. Sagging of the skin especially of the neck part is the most evident sign of skin aging. Through the years there had been numerous studies about the factors affecting this ill-effect, clinical trials for interventions to prevent and correct this condition, hundreds of surgical procedures to correct sagging and thousands of products are out in the market claiming that they are the solution to this phenomenon.

Now let’s turn back time and check what has gone wrong and how we can do it right this time. Scientist have found out that there are a number of factors that affect skin aging. First of these is the sun. It’s ultraviolent rays can damage our skin’s collagen and elastin and hinder in its natural production process. Secondly, sleep deprivation. Lack in hours of sleep means lack of time for skin to rejuvenate and get back from its losses. Moreover, weather is another culprit. Both cold and hot weather can cause dehydration and eventually damages skin. Lastly one major factor that affects sagging is stress. Stress causes frowning and eventually will lead to muscle conformity hence will cause wrinkles and lines.

We may not prevent to forward the numbers in the calendar but definitely we can roll back aging and look younger than our age. All the factors mentioned above are naturally occurring external and internal factors, thus the solution to these negative effects which is obvious sagging of skin is an all-natural product as well. Introducing ALLURE, the new lifting firming cream made with all-natural ingredients provides your sagging skin a whole new feel you desire. It has been clinically tested to be safe for all skin types and very effective in refining wrinkles and fine lines caused by the damages in your skin. It will hydrate and rejuvenate your skin giving your skin the softest and smoothest feel it ever had. Allure can roll back the BIG A’s effects and will definitely recapture your skin’s most youthful glow.

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