The Head and Heart Connection

The Brain is the organ that governs all our body’s system. Each and every single cell’s activity is monitored and activated by the brain. Thus, the brain is called the control panel of all the systems working for a healthier body. Little did we know that the heart has it’s own effect to the brain.

Researchers today would correlate the important impact of the heart to our brain function. Hence, a healthy heart means a healthy brain. New research studies have shown that the risk factors that can develop heart diseases and stroke can also contribute to the development of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. These risk factors would include physical inactivity, sedentary lifestyle and obesity.
Furthermore, a heart-brain connection had been linked to the ability of the heart to pump blood to the brain, and in lieu of this, a healthy vascular system also creates a big impact. Narrowed blood vessels due to accumulation of fats within the arterial walls decreases blood flow to the brain leading to oxygen insufficiency. This irregularity can further lead to a decline in memory, eventually memory loss and cognitive dysfunction.

With these physiologic facts, different studies are on the verge of developing new ways to prevent cardiac insufficiencies to prevent further ill-effects to the brain. It is always easy to promote health and prevent diseases than curing the diseases. Hence, there are a lot of options for us to take in order to promote a healthy heart-brain connection and prevent further risk for diseases.

Among the most popular promotive defense is a healthy diet. A decrease in fat intake could most probably help in order to prevent excess fat circulation and fat accumulation in the blood vessels that could cause hardening and narrowing. It is also very important to exercise to burn those fats and keep your heart healthy and always on the go. Include also in the list the avoidance of vices such as smoking and excessive alcohol intake. One of the newest trends today is to live with the intake of health supplements that could help revitalize your body and enhance blood circulation. Among these traditional medications would include Bacopa monnieri, Withania somnifera, Korean ginseng, and vinpocetine.

It is not late to follow these promotion and prevention activities for the best heart-brain function that we can attain. It’s never too late to be healthy!
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