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Youth Switch

Youth Switch

Imagine adding YEARS & VITALITY to your life!** YOUTH SWITCH by PureHealth Research delivers the NEXT GENERATION of therapeutic nutraceuticals! Living longer and healthier means you can spend more time with loved ones. Watch your grandchildren graduate, marry, have kids, and join the celebrations. Or take that trip around the world you’ve dreamed about. We’d all love those options! Now, that priceless door opens the possibilities of adding extra vibrant years to your life! Adopting a healthier lifestyle and supplementing with adaptogens and other specific nutrients found in YOUTH SWITCH can catapult you ahead of the pack, well into your 90s and beyond!





Ashwagandha is a potent rejuvenating adaptogen on steroids! Studies show Ashwagandha extends the life of worms in labs by 20%.** Lab studies show a whopping 45% increase in telomerase activity, thereby lengthening the cell’s lifespan by 29.7%.** Its active components, Withanolide and Sominone, help bring a laundry list of health markers into balance. It boosts mitochondrial health, energy production, and stamina, and supports healthy blood flow and force. It dampens overactive immune markers and strengthens weakened areas. Sominone stimulates healthy neuronal formation, memory, and brain function.* It protects against ulcers, lung health, uterine fibroids, and mutated skin growths. It also reduces stress and calms moods by mimicking the brain’s chemical GABA.**

Cat’s Claw Bark Extract

Cat’s Claw Bark Extract

Cat’s Claw Bark Extract:
This Amazonian rainforest anti-aging vine helps protect DNA! For centuries local tribes flourished with unusual longevity despite their inadequate diet. Research shows it’s brimming with over 30 phytochemicals with substantial medicinal benefits, most importantly, carboxy alkyl esters (CAEs). Studies show that CAEs protect and repair DNA from aging UV radiation, pollution, and synthetic chemicals in processed food. As a result, it promotes youthful tissues and organ systems and mitigates mutated cell growth. Epicatechin is a powerful antioxidant that protects your heart, circulation, and blood force, improves nutrient delivery, and may shield against blood sugar disease. Oleanic acid fights harmful pathogens and promotes liver health, detoxification, energy distribution, and more. And it improves muscle and joint aches, fatigue, irritable bowel symptoms, and life quality.*******

Astragalus Root

Astragalus Root

Astragalus Root:
Enhances Telomeres and repairs DNA! Astragalus, another potent adaptogen, contains unique powerful compounds called Cycloastragenol and Astragaloside IV. Human and animal studies show they dramatically boost telomere lengthening enzymes by an eye-popping 430%!***** Researchers found that components Astragaloside IV improved markers of the cardiovascular, immune, digestive, and nervous systems. It helped regulate calcium balance, fight free radicals, protect against cell death, combat harmful pathogens, and more. It benefits the heart, lungs, and blood. Astragalus calms stress, hay fever, uplifts fatigue, reduces swelling, and improves skin. It also supports healthy blood sugar and kidneys.**

L-Lysine HCl

L-Lysine HCl

L-Lysine HCl:
Lysine is an essential building block of proteins. Your body needs these essential amino acids to create healthy hormones, muscle, skin, and everything else. Studies show it aids in the production of human growth hormone (HGH) overnight. HGH is vital to rejuvenate your body by stimulating new cell growth, reproduction, and regeneration. That means it boosts collagen and elastin, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and commanding a healthier, youthful, glowing complexion. But it’s not just for show; it rejuvenates your cells INSIDE too!**

L-Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (OKG)

L-Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (OKG)

L-Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (OKG):
OKG is a precursor of amino acids, such as Glutamine, Arginine, and Proline, and increases the hormone secretion, including glucose and human growth hormone (HGH). HGH is critical for stimulating new cell regeneration. OKG helps modulate proteins for retaining muscle mass during aging.* Studies also show that OKG significantly decreases cortisol/DHEA-S, reducing stress and improving sleep.*

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon:
Thermogenic Cinnamon! This delightful spice improves blood cholesterol levels, naturally reduces appetite, intestinal sugar absorption, and boosts energy production and functions.* It stimulates energy metabolism, storage, glucose hormone release, and activates hormone receptors.**** Studies show it reduces fasting glucose levels by 10-29% and HbA1c levels.*** Research also shows proanthocyanins block tau proteins from clumping and deforming in the brain, reducing the risk of memory loss and disease. And it significantly reduces oxidative stress toxicity in the liver and kidneys.* Plus, it reduces gastric acid, blocks ulcer formation, and promotes repair of the mucosal stomach lining.



Citrulline restores telomerase activity and induced anti-aging results in studies.* Research has found that Citrulline helps control impaired blood glucose levels by inhibiting free radicals and harmful enzymes. That significantly increases Nitric Oxide (NO) levels, protecting flexible and healthy blood vessels, heart, and other organs, and dramatically slowing glucose-induced aging.* Animal studies Citrulline also show significant improvement in brain scores.* Its potent antioxidative effects protect brain plasticity and generating new neurons. It protects against free radical damage of the hippocampus, showing promise for limiting age-related cognitive decline.*



Vital for good health, Glutamine is a critical amino acid and one of the building blocks of proteins vital to the immune system and intestinal health.* Glutamine is a key nutrient for your whole body, particularly the digestive tract, liver, pancreas, and spleen. Studies of Glutamine supplementation showed an increase in villus height of mucosa, thereby improving nutrient uptake, immunity barrier, and gut health.* Studies show Glutamine increases longevity in mice.*


Image Image Image


Dr. David A. Sinclair, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biological Mechanisms of Aging.* Dr. Sinclair is a pioneer in investigating the mechanisms of longevity for over 30 years. His trailblazing research is ground-breaking and, to put it frankly, mind-blowing. If you look at him, you’ll think he’s in his 40s – he’s a walking billboard for his work!

Exciting news of his scientific discoveries has hit the mainstream, demonstrating that we can lengthen lifespans! Although this field is still in its infancy, thousands of scientists have joined this electrifying domain with enthusiasm. And results are pouring in.

Scientists have discovered Telomeres, which are the endcaps of DNA and indicators of how cells age, i.e., longevity. Telomeres are like the plastic tips of shoelaces, protecting the ends of your DNA strands from damage. Because once damaged, it can’t do its job and dies. Your cells multiply through a biological process called mitosis. That is when DNA copies itself. Research has shown that each time this happens, those telomeres get shorter. This is better known as aging. When they get too short, the cells stop functioning properly, leading to disease. Some call Telomeres the “Aging Clock” of cells.

According to the latest research, the longer your Telomeres, the longer you live, and the younger you feel!*

Image Image Image

The fact is that Telomere length also shortens by stress, obesity, lack of exercise, and poor diet choices.* That’s why PureHealth Research has used this cutting-edge technology to create our latest formidable anti-aging YOUTH SWITCH!

We’ve added potent adaptogens, including Ashwagandha. This cherished ancient herb enjoyed for over 4000 years because of its awe-inspiring ability to restore balance to multiple aspects of health. And check this out… Recent lab studies of Ashwagandha showed a whopping 45% regeneration of telomere length and extended the lifespan of worms by 29.7%!!**

Another revolutionary anti-aging nutrient derived from the Amazonian rainforest’s Cat’s Claw vine delivers unique compounds called CAEs that shield and repair the determiner of youth – DNA! Astragalus is a potent adaptogen with unique and powerful compounds that dramatically stimulate Telomere lengthening enzymes by an eye-popping 430% boosting longevity.** And Cinnamon is exceptional at optimizing energy output, HbA1c levels, glucose hormone metabolism, and fasting glucose by 10-29% in studies. It also repairs and protects against stomach ulcers and liver and kidney oxidative toxicity, promoting digestive and detoxification health.

One of the biggest threats to premature aging is blood sugar. When blood sugar soars, free radicals are on the rampage causing premature aging throughout your body. Citrulline’s superior antioxidant activity effectively blocks free radical damage and premature aging. But that’s not all. It also increases Nitric Oxide levels that help open blood vessels, lower pressure numbers, improve blood circulation, oxygen, and nutrient uptake. That improves brain function and cognition, heart, liver, promoting long healthy life.

Another main threat to longevity and health is a compromised immune system. About 70-80% of your immune system resides in your gut, and Leaky Gut is the gateway to autoimmune diseases. So, keeping your gut barrier resilient is vital for long healthy life. Glutamine increases villus height of mucosa, improving nutrient uptake, the immunity barrier, and overall gut health.* Animal studies show Glutamine increases the longevity and lifespan.*

Image Image Image

YOUTH SWITCH by PureHealth Research is simply phenomenal. Check out how the magical 8 longevity-promoting natural nutrients and botanicals can help:

  • Stimulate telomere enzyme activity, DNA repair, & longevity
  • Boost cellular energy & sustained endurance
  • Promote youthful cell & organ systems regeneration
  • Neutralize free radicals & aging oxidative stress
  • Promote healthy heart markers, vessels, & pressure
  • Improve circulation, oxygen & nutrient uptake
  • Increase immune barrier integrity against harmful pathogens
  • Reduce swelling, discomfort, & aching joints
  • Improve gut & digestive health
  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles for healthier skin & glowing complexion
  • Improve stress management, sleep quality, & moods
  • Stimulate healthy hormones, muscle mass, cognitive & detoxification functions
  • Support feeling like a million bucks ‘til your 90’s & beyond!

YOUTH-SWITCH’s profound new technology and 8 super-charged natural ingredients are safe and tested for purity. Each scientifically proven to support anti-aging mechanisms, overall health, and cellular regeneration. That means you’re free to reap the rewards of living life to the fullest!


Supplement Facts

As a dietary supplement, adults take 2 capsules daily with 8 oz of water or as directed by a healthcare professional.

If you have low blood pressure or are taking blood pressure meds, blood thinners, immunosuppressants, or meds changed by the liver, please consult your doctor. DO NOT combine with sedatives. DO NOT use if you have an autoimmune disease, stomach ulcer or are taking lithium. If you have diabetes, your medication might need adjusting, please consult your doctor and monitor glucose levels carefully.


Vitamin Angels

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children already gained access to life-changing nutritional support.

1 to 1 Charity Support Program
1 bottle = life-changing nutritional support to 1 child in need

We’re proud to partner with Vitamin Angels to enrich health and hope. Through our partnership, underserved women and children across the U.S. and around the world receive the nutritional support needed to build the foundation for a healthy future. Every bottle purchased from PureHealth Research provides critical life-changing nutrition for a young child through Vitamin Angels!

Thank you for helping us build a brighter future for kids everywhere!

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How exactly will YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA help me live a long healthy life?

YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA by PureHealth Research harnesses the ancient longevity secret of a 197-year-old man with astragalus. This Nobel Prize-winning discovery shows how astragalus clinically unleashes compounds that rejuvenate cells and organs up to 4 times younger!

YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA is like finding the secret of the fountain of youth in a bottle. That secret is restoring DNA telomere length. The ingredients in YOUTH SWITCH boosts the enzyme telomerase. This enzyme extends telomere length and younger cell regeneration… effectively aging cells and organs backward!

As a result, it alleviates the aging effects of stress and renews sharper thinking, memory, energy metabolism, and organ systems.

REMEMBER! At PureHealth Research, we pride ourselves on delivering only premium quality supplements. We follow strict protocols, producing only small batches, each tested for purity, safety, and potency. And all our products are designed using breakthrough discoveries and cutting-edge technology in a USA-based state-of-the-art facility Certified by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

What are the Effective Ingredients in YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA?

Supplement Facts

The ingredients in YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA help transform cells up to 4 times younger by boosting telomerase enzymes and extending telomeres – the secret of youth. It also reduces stress and renews sharper thinking. This unique formula includes:

  • Astragalus: Clinical studies show astragalus boosts telomerase activity, longevity, and younger cell and organ regeneration. It also helps reduce harmful immune markers, swelling, and joint discomfort for improved mobility. And it enhances blood sugar energy metabolism and improves heart health systems.
  • Cat’s Claw: Cat’s claw helps block and even dissolve memory-clogging brain tangles so you can enjoy a whip-fast memory and sharp thinking at any age. The unique compounds in this Amazonian rainforest vine also support healthy digestion, immunity, and DNA repair, promoting youthful regeneration and longevity.
  • Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha is a powerful weapon against the aging effects of stress. This adaptogenic herb dramatically reduce stress and anxiety. It also improve libido, sexual function, blood sugar balance, strength, and heart health.
  • L-Lysine: This essential building block of proteins helps Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH is vital to rejuvenate your body by stimulating new muscle, skin, and organ cell growth and regeneration. That means your organs become younger. It also boosts collagen and elastin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and commanding a healthier, youthful, glowing complexion.
  • L-Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (OKG): OKG is an amino acid that helps modulate proteins for retaining muscle mass during aging.* Studies also show that OKG significantly decreases cortisol/DHEA-S, reducing stress and improving sleep.*
  • Ceylon Cinnamon: This delightful spice improves blood cholesterol levels, reduces appetite and intestinal sugar absorption, and boosts energy production and functions.*
  • L-Citrulline: Citrulline restores telomerase activity and induces anti-aging results in studies.* It protects the heart, blood sugar metabolism, and cognitive functions from aging.
  • L-Glutamine: Glutamine is essential for intestinal health, nutrient intake, immunity, and the liver, pancreas, and spleen functions. Animal studies show it extends lifespans.***

Does YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA really work?

YES! PureHealth Research designed YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA using only fresh, pure, natural ingredients available proven to help you:

  • Rewind cellular and organ aging by up to 4 times
  • Alleviate heart health and blood sugar concerns
  • Enjoy flexible, ache-free joints and improved mobility
  • Renew your quick memory and sharp thinking
  • Melt away stress and anxiety

How many bottles of YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA am I allowed to order today?

To promote long and healthy life, we highly recommend STOCKING UP to SAVE MORE today with our special discount package. Get 6 bottles of YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA at the ridiculously low investment of just $2.07 a day and SAVE $120. Or choose our rock-bottom Subscribe & Save option for only $1.86 per day and SAVE a WHOPPING $149.40! (Cancel anytime.) These risk-free savings help you look and feel younger at any age.

Or you can choose our rock-bottom 3-month discounted bundle for just $2.17 per day.

REMEMBER! We know you’ll love how YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA helps you turn back the hands of time at the cellular level, in the mirror, and feel like a million bucks! But if it’s not for you, let us know within 12 months, and you’ll get your money back.

This exclusive package allows you to take advantage of our lowest possible prices without the fuss and worry of reordering month after month, increasing costs, and/or additional shipping fees later.


YOUTH SWITCH is formulated for men and women who want to rejuvenate their organ systems and restore youth's endurance, vitality, and enthusiasm for decades to come!

Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer

Should I use YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA long-term?

YES! Remember, with every passing year your telomeres are getting shorter, making you look and feel “old.” And research shows how astragalus can help turn back the clock in this essential biological clock. What’s more, cat’s claw fights brain aging, and ashwagandha helps melt away the stress that can speed up aging. So, with this breakthrough formula you can get these unique nutrients to help reverse the symptoms of aging to “grow younger!”

We highly recommend using YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA daily and LONG-TERM for optimal and consistent results.

Are there any known side effects of using YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA?

No! The ingredients in YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA are natural, and studies report no harsh side effects. However, if you notice anything unusual, please discontinue use and consult your physician.


DIRECTIONS: As a dietary supplement, adults take 2 capsules daily with 8 oz of water or as directed by a healthcare professional.

How can I order YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA right now?

YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA by PureHealth Research is made in America and is only available on this website.

Discover how you can invest in a long, vibrant life with a 1-month’s supply of YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA for just $2.30 a day below, or snatch the Subscribe & Save option at only $2.07 per day!

But we know once you try YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA, you’ll love the transformation and renewed vitality surging throughout your body, that you’ll be back for MORE!

So, STOCKING UP to SAVE $120 and secure 6 bottles while in stock drops your investment to only $2.07 per day and makes perfect sense, particularly when investing in your health.

And by clicking the Subscribe & Save option, you can SCORE our BIGGEST SAVINGS of $149.40 for a 6-month supply at a ridiculously rock-bottom value of $1.86 a day! (No obligation, cancel anytime.)

Remember! Every order comes with FREE Shipping, Easy Tracking & a 365-Day Love It or Your Money Back Guarantee.

Will I be able to track my order once it has been placed?

ABSOLUTELY! Feel at ease knowing you can track your order at any time. Once we process your order, you’ll get an email with your confirmation details. If you have any questions, please email us or call our experts 24/7 for assistance. Toll-free at (888) 558-9836, Mon–Sun 24/7. Outside the US, call us at +1-863-301-4007. Email: support @ purehealthresearch.com

Add up to 15.8 years of healthy, independent living to your life with the help of YOUTH SWITCH FORMULA and take advantage of this HUGE discount RIGHT NOW.**

What are you waiting for?

Secure your first order for only pennies on the dollar!

Plus… When you place your order today, you’ll receive our full 365-Day Satisfaction Guarantee And Free Express Shipping!

We recommend that if you have any pre-existing chronic conditions, please consult your doctor before using any product.

365 Day Money Back Guarantee


Enjoy a FULL YEAR to try Youth Switch and experience the results for yourself. If you’re not 100% SATISFIED – simply let us know and we’ll gladly refund your money – guaranteed.

Youth Switch

Youth Switch

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