Order online or call us at (888) 558-9836


Order online or call us at (888) 558-9836



PureHealth Research develops scientifically proven products that help you achieve the pure, healthy lifestyle you deserve. We only use natural ingredients you trust and put them through a 5-Stage Research and Testing Process, so they become “PureHealth Approved & Certified!” Here’s how it works:


Step 1: The Creating Process- We’ve composed a team of master formulators who are some of the world’s most respected medical doctors, chemists, researchers, nutritionists, and fitness experts. They work collectively to create the highest-quality blends that help revitalize your health.

Step 2: Scientifically Tested – We only use scientifically-proven ingredients, simple as that… We never add a small amount of an ingredient to add marketing hype, a huge problem that is extremely common with famous brands found at your local supplement store. Instead, we make sure you have the RIGHT amount of every ingredient that science shows will give you the best results.

Step 3: The Purest Ingredients – PureHealth Research uses only NATURAL INGREDIENTS. We scoured the globe for the highest quality and purest forms of every ingredient so we can help you support total-body-wellness. Feel comfort knowing our blends are also free from antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, colors, and preservatives!

Step 4: Ingredient Testing – We only purchase raw ingredients that come with a certificate of analysis for potency and purity. We even do further microbiological testing during the manufacturing process to ensure you every PureHealth product is pure and potent before it reaches your hands.  

Step 5: GMP Certified Manufacturing – GMP Certification is a third-party certification program that includes inspection of manufacturing facilities to determine whether specific food safety and quality performance indicators are being met. This certification guarantees personnel training, equipment maintenance, facility cleanliness, and document traceability. GMP Certification is a commitment to quality and consistency that our customers deserve.

We believe in our products, we use our products, and every step of our manufacturing and development process was created to ensure we deliver only the highest quality formulas for your body day in and day out. After all, that’s what you deserve, and we’re here to help give it to you with every product we produce.

Here’s to Pure Health!

The PureHealth Research Team


Dr. Eric Wood, ND

Dr. Eric Wood, ND is a District of Columbia-licensed (Washington D.C.) naturopathic doctor and a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Additionally he is licensed through through the Commission of Religious Consulting and Healing as a “Theocentric Healing Specialist.” He especially focuses in a holistic approach towards adrenal exhaustion & aging issues, oncology, and infectious diseases & biotoxin illnesses , men’s health & wellness, skin problems, and digestive issues of many types. Learn more

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